US pop star R. Kelly reacts to South African's street remix of his 'Bad Man' track

EagleHeadline | Jun. 27, 2017

When a young man in South Africa’s Durban did a ‘‘freestyle’‘ – off the cap singing – of U.S. pop star Robert Kelly’s ‘Bad Man’ track, chances were that he did not anticipate a reaction from the artiste.

But that is exactly what happened when the artiste shared a video showing the unnamed man singing the song with serious accompanying dance moves on the streets.

Kelly shared the one-minute video as part of his Fan Feature Monday social media post on June 19, 2017. It is unclear when the track was recorded though.

The News24 portal reports that the ‘street artiste’ was somewhere at a taxi station in the city of Durban doing his own thing whiles those recording laughed out at his effort.

The man in a green T-shirt with the inscription, Africa Unite, over jeans sang the song with passion strutting up and down. R Kelly said the effort showed how universal music was.

His message accompanying the video posted on his Instagram and Twitter handles read: “This weeks #FANFEATUREMONDAY travels all the way to Durban, South Africa and this fans rendition of #BadMan – I love how universal music is.”

Enjoy the track as shared by Robert Kelly on his Instagram page:

The video has garnered over 52,000 views and 561 comments on Instagram, it continues to attracts retweets and ‘loves’ on Twitter as well.

The Bad Man track was included on the soundtrack for the 2000 film Shaft. It was the first and only single from the Shaft soundtrack and charted at number 30 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

Robert Sylvester Kelly, a singer, songwriter and record producer, popularly referred to as R Kelly in the showbiz industry recently endorsement a hit track by Nigerian artiste Davido.

R Kelly released a remix version of Davido’s ‘IF’ track which continues to enjoy massive airplay across the continent with huge views on Youtube as well.

The singer posted his remix on his Facebook and Twitter accounts with a message that read, ‘‘NEW MUSIC ALERT I had to jump on the remix to Nigerian artist @iam_Davido song, “IF,” debuting at number 2 on the charts!’‘

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