Story: The begging life of Nigerian man in Italy(video)

EagleHeadline | Jun. 21, 2017

A Nigerian immigrant in Italy has expressed regret about his decision to move to the country because he has not succeeded and there is no job in the country. So he only resorted to begging.

The unidentified man explained that he begs for a living. He said there are many Nigerians in the country who also beg like he does. He added that if he had the opportunity he would come back home to Nigeria.

According to him, he was arrested by Italian police because he was caught begging on the streets.

When he was asked how much it took for him to travel to Italy, the man explained that he used over N400,000. He added that he had to cross the Mediterranean Sea to come to Italy. He advised Nigerians who are planning to come to Italy not to make the trip.

It was reported that 128 Nigerians crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Europe were killed between March 6 and 26.

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