Editing humans, unicorn-picking AI and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | July. 28, 2017

Venture capital’s future? A computer’s remarkable success picking start-ups. Government by AI is here. Reconciling democracy with algorithmic regulation .

Restoring people’s trust in business. Build a narrative and deliver on it. Is Iran opening up culturally? It now hosts one of the world’s largest bookstores . Pink hard hats. Building a pipeline for female engineers and architects. Home prices perpetuate inequality. Barriers to solutions are mostly political.

Money can buy happiness – if you spend it on time . Replacing elite consultants. Artificial intelligence’s power keeps growing. First human embryos edited in the US. Homo sapiens have become rewritable . What’s better than HR at taming workplace abuse? Public shaming. Don’t blame the Internet for polarization. Time for a new ideal of discourse .

China’s soaring sharing economy. Quotes head of the Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ( Straits Times ) In Norway, no one’s salary is secret. Cites Gender Gap Report. ( Quartz ) Preparing tomorrow’s Middle East workforce. References Forum’s Human Capital Index . ( Gulf News ) Avoiding a water collapse in India. Uses forecasts from the Forum’s 2030 Water Resources Group. ( Asia Times ) The world’s most tourist-filled cities. Cities Forum data on tourism jobs. ( Telegraph )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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