African tech revolutions, robot taxis and other must-read stories of the week

Technology Eye | Aug. 19, 2016

See the state of migration in Europe today. These maps show who is migrating from where. Self-driving cars will make life and death decisions. Thoughts on the ethics of machine intelligence .

It’s time for an African tech revolution. The right policy decisions would break the region’s dependence on natural resources. She helped end child marriage in Tanzania. An interview on how to make change a reality. Business can help save globalization from itself. Seven opportunities for corporate leaders to improve the economic landscape. The green bond market is booming. It’s getting easier to invest in environmentally friendly projects. China is moving up fast. A new ranking of the world’s most innovative economies .

Humanity is facing some big questions. Here are some answers from the world’s top scientists . How can humans pave the way for robot taxis? Attitudes and policies will have to change . Bio-engineering technologies are coming online. Will militaries seek to upgrade soldiers ? A ruthless vindication of state funding. The medal-driven money the British government gives its athletes has been paid back in gold in Rio . The Fourth Industrial Revolution means engineering machines that learn. But should we be more concerned about AI or the monopoly power its owners might obtain? Why did the Roman economy collapse? The empire lost the ability to strike back .

Putting blockchain at the heart of global finance. A review of the Forum’s new report on distributed technology and fintech. ( New York Times ) Big data might make us less innovative. The head of the Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Future Cities explains the danger. ( MarketWatch ) Edtech is the next fintech. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is spreading to education. ( Techcrunch ) The future needs flexible, versatile workers. Analysis based on the Future of Jobs report. ( Globe and Mail ) Can Japan beat Silicon Valley with Artificial Intelligence? Cites Forum forecasts for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ( Japan Times )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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