World without women, taxing robots and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | March. 10, 2017

A world without women. Economic contributions that men may be missing. Videos show a changing Earth. See the impact of climate change and more.

You think you’re not sexist? Here’s why you’re probably wrong .

A counter-intuitive way to boost your productivity: go to bed . The electricity grid of the future. Greener, safer and facing challenges . A better kind of nuclear power? Nuclear fusion may soon be here. The robots are coming. And economists think we should be scared .

The scientific discovery that could transform quantum computing? With a name straight out of Doctor Who, it’s time crystals . When politicians battle their own intelligence agencies. It rarely ends well . Taking our jobs but not paying taxes. Shouldn’t the employment Terminators pay their fair share ? Politics is changing the way economists think about businesses. And it changes some fundamental things we take for granted . Can bureaucracies survive social media? The challenges to boring businesses , from employees who want to answer back.

Japan’s “womenomics” resists the sceptics. The Global Gender Gap Report shows the need. ( Financial Times ) The importance of being digital. The Forum’s Global Information Technology Report ranks Singapore first. ( Straits Times ) Technologies to solve the biggest global risks. A response to the Global Risk Report . ( Business Insider ) Cambodia to host 2017 World Economic Forum on ASEAN. Over 700 business and government leaders are expected. ( Jakarta Globe ) Closing the gender gap could add $28 trillion to world economy. Cites the Global Gender Gap Report . ( Financial Express )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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