How hot was your city in 2015?

Technology Eye | Feb. 29, 2016

Scientists declared 2015 the hottest year in Earth's history , or at least since reporting began back in 1850.

In a database provided by AccuWeather, out of 2,116 cities around the world, 90% recorded warmer than normal temperatures.

So how warm was your city? Click here to explore the interactive chart by the New York Times.

The average global temperature during 2015 was 0.75 degrees celsius higher than the average between 1961 and 1990, and significantly higher than the 0.57C recorded in 2014.

Global climate anomalies took place all over the planet, as the infographic below illustrates.

The year 2016 is also expected to set a new record , with the El Niño phenomenon combining with climate change to drive global average temperatures above the record set by 2015. This will be the third consecutive year that global temperature records have been broken.

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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