Saving the oceans, undemocratic youth and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Jun. 16, 2017

Ethiopia on top. Fastest growing economies in a fragile global recovery. Choking, depleted, warming and rising. How you can help save the oceans .

Crossing the planet in minutes. The space economy in 2030. How to cut national healthcare costs by 40%? The Dutch answer is Buurtzorg . Autocracy rules? Young people are losing interest in democracy . What stops social entrepreneurs succeeding. Three lessons from a study in Mexico. Ignoring women’s health needs? Heart disease kills more women than men.

Can’t sleep? Your genes may be to blame. Where will the next biotech powerhouse emerge? Evidence points to China . And Chinese scientists have moved closer to hackproof comms, using the world’s only quantum communications satellite . Hunger games – rewarding elite athletes. When the prize is feeding your family . How tax cuts crippled Kansas. The costs of using economics to experiment on humans .

White House infrastructure plan cites Forum rankings. Data came from the Global Competitiveness Report . ( ) Chief Strategy Officers can pioneer models of responsible capitalism. Coverage of Forum’s Industry Strategy Meeting. ( Devex ) The world’s safest country raises its threat level. Cites T ravel & Tourism Competitiveness Report . ( Newsweek ) Singapore blockchain startup wins recognition. Coverage of the Forum’s Technology Pioneers. ( Independent Singapore ) Data suggests rules are vital to close business gender gap. Cites Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report . ( Bloomberg )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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