Reasons for climate optimism, flying with your mind and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Dec. 02, 2016

America’s President-elect has said climate change is a hoax. Why that might help save the planet . Childcare is infrastructure to o. Working parents need new solutions .

Five reasons for climate optimism . Money and markets are already shifting.

How to make trade really spur development: look at border regulations . Confronting without polarizing. Intolerant times demand constructive conflict . Ready to fly an airplane with your mind ? Neurotechnology is taking off. Foreign aid is falling fast. Stronger civil societies could reverse the trend.

Why is globalization in the 21C different? This presentation by a top economist will help you understand. One proven path to higher salaries: rising productivity + labour mobility . But mobility has its costs. Why people stay in failing cities . Slow motion automation. Five historical trends may hold back the robots . Dealing with government by tweet and fake news. What journalists can do .

Is blockchain overhyped? Some financiers say it is, but Forum calculations show big investments. ( Financial Times ) China is investing heavily in blockchain for financial services. Cites Forum forecasts. ( China Daily ) Meet the only woman in Kuwait’s parliament. Uses data from the Global Gender Gap Report. ( Fortune ) It pays to be a nasty woman. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. ( Quartz ) The Fourth Industrial Revolution could leave the UK behind. British business is worried. ( Independent )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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