Why productivity growth still matters and other top economic stories of the week

Technology Eye | Jun. 30, 2017

A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

How central banks have contributed to slow productivity growth. ( Project Syndicate )

Michael Spence and Sandile Hilatshwayo on why productivity growth matters less but still matters. ( Project Syndicate )

And an older, but very interesting post about economic ideas we should forget. ( Vox )

A balooning real estate sector in China. ( The New York Times )

Another investment boom into BRICs? ( Bloomberg )

Normalizing monetary policy creates risks. ( Financial Times , paywall )

A recent BIS report finds that globalization hasn’t peaked . ( Reuters )

Kaushik Basu lays out a 50 year scenario for the global economy. ( Project Syndicate )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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