Competitive Africa, multi-speed Europe won't work, and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | May. 12, 2017

Africa’s most competitive economies & breakthrough female innovators . Highlights from 1000 global leaders in Durban . Language shapes your mind. It even alters how you experience time .

A multi-speed Europe won’t work. Addressing countries’ different needs will. Legalized rape and abuse. Sexist laws still on the books around the world. Fighting corruption and helping flood victims. How Indians use Whatsapp . The world’s largest free trade zone? The African Union pushes integration .

It doubled in GDP in 7 years. What ASEAN is and why it matters. Not enough talent in Asia? The region needs an education overhaul . Deadly haze and rapid urbanization. Time for a sustainability revolution . Asia’s demographic dividend is ending. How to face the next half century .

US versus THEM is what counts. Why we’ve been thinking about populism wrong. A migrant worker tells her story. China’s newest literary and viral sensation . Rage against the machines. How automation 200 years ago led to riots. A half million words for nothing? Advice for academics in social media . Our understanding of the laws of thermodynamics is changing. It could make probability a new source of power .

Hun Sen takes to world stage as Cambodia hosts WEF. ( Financial Times ) Dutertenomics in focus at the Forum meeting on ASEAN. ( Philippine Star ) Israel, US startups to join 100 Arab firms at World Economic Forum push. ( Times of Israel ) Helping Africa to help Germany. More coverage from Durban. ( Handelsblatt ) The few US cities that achieve inclusive growth. Cites the Forum’s Inclusive Development Index . ( Quartz )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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