Court rules women can be paid less, gender parity task forces, and other top gender stories of the week

Technology Eye | May. 03, 2017

It’s legal to pay women less than men based on past salaries, court rules in US . ( LA Times ) Gender parity task forces: an outstanding initiative that actually works . ( Huffington Post ) “I took the meeting because you’re hot.” How ingrained is sexism in Silicon Valley ? ( New York Magazine ) Only 1% of female founders use VC money to fund their business . ( Fortune ) Mothers less wealthy than women without children. Surprise new study . ( The Conversation ) Podcast: How can we amplify women’s voices in China ? ( SupChina ) More women politicians could mean fewer infant deaths. It’s not clear why . ( New York Magazine ) Meet the Iranian tycoon smashing gender stereotypes . ( Al Jazeera ) White men are the only ones not punished for advocating diversity . ( CIO ) Newlywed women in India given bats for defence against domestic violence . ( Time ) Replace tech show babes with STEAM students . ( Tech Republic )

Chart of the week: Venture Capital deals by gender, 2006-2016

Source: P itchbook; Published by Fortune

Quote of the week “That women earn equally for the same work, that they can develop professionally and personally freely and without limits, that they can reach as far as they want in their careers, is a matter not only of enormous economic convenience for the country. It is an issue of social justice, which should therefore become a cross-cutting and shared goal.”

Paula Escobar Chavarría Chilean editor, journalist and author Gender parity task forces: an outstanding initiative that actually works.

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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