Who has the most immigrants, designer babies, robot rights and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Feb. 17, 2017

Which countries have the most immigrants? The US and Germany aren’t on the list .

What attracts venture capital? Software & biotech lead; financial services lag.

Designer babies & robot rights. The Fourth Industrial Revolution ’s ethics. Protectionism won’t help the US. Knowledge not trade drives globalisation. The new in-demand demographic. Older workers could see growing demand . How to avoid millions of deaths: create a culture of health . What your government owes you: duties to protect, provide, and invest .

If capitalism is in crisis, blame government choices, not globalisation . A community for “leftover women”? Sororities come to China . Big data takes on serial killers. New algorithms fight crime . The end to renewable energy’s big limitation? This battery lasts a decade .

Globalisation, the world identity crisis, and political upheaval. Coverage of Professor Klaus Schwab’s speech in Dubai. ( CNBC ) Inequality’s threat to India. Cites Forum’s Global Risk Report . ( The Hindu ) Philippine business wants better air infrastructure. Their argument relies on the Global Competitiveness Report. ( Philippine Star ) Swiss tax decision threatens competitiveness. But the country still tops the Global Competitiveness Index . ( Bloomberg ) Latin America leads in clean energy. The Forum’s Renewable Infrastructure Investment Handbook provides data. ( Christian Science Monitor .)

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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