10 amazing women in science, the marriage gap, and India's female fighter pilots

Technology Eye | Jun. 30, 2016

A weekly digest of stories about how the gender gap plays out around the world – in business, health, education and politics.

XxXX: 10 interviews with inspiring women in science . Here's how you can break down the barriers stopping women reaching their full potential . A novel way of getting more women into work. Highly educated women are less likely to get married, aren't they? This is the extent of the family leave gender gap . What the world can learn about gender from an Indonesian ethnic group.

Breaking through: women pioneers in Egypt’s technology sector. ( Daily News Egypt )

Women Innovating Africa: Meet Faith Chege. ( The Huffington Post )

30 tech companies sign inclusion pledge before Obama visit. ( USA Today )

Meet the women helping build the tech industry in the Middle East. ( The Guardian )

India gets first women fighter pilots at combined graduation parade. ( newkerala.com )

The 50 most influential women in UK IT 2016, ( Computer Weekly )

Scientists may have discovered why women live longer than men. ( Huffington Post )

These companies have zero women on their boards. ( CNN Money )

Firms with the best record for promoting women to high positions have up to 69 per cent more profitability and command average earnings 55 per cent higher than their competitors. Justine Greening , UK International Development Secretary

“Progress for women is progress for us all. Giving priority to women is not an option. It is an obligation. Investing in women is more than a matter of rights; it also stands for good economic sense.” Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile Speaking as United Nations Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of UN Women, at “Power: Women as Drivers of Growth and Social Inclusion,” in Lima, Peru on 16 October 2012.

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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