Producing global leaders, a machine explains elections and other must-read stories of the week

Technology Eye | Oct. 14, 2016

The tiny country that produces global leaders. Why Portugal became a political powerhouse . Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Four principles for policymakers, business, and civil society.

We opened a new Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, based in San Francisco. Here’s why . The ethics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technology has social and moral implications . But the public’s fear could slow it down. Tech innovators have to listen and engage with society . This machine helps explain elections. Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence power a real-time tool. Football that helps the homeless. The Homeless World Cup has touched over 1 million lives.

India’s economic rise in numbers. Fast growth, but only 1% pay taxes.

What’s the White House thinking on Artificial Intelligence? You can read it here . Bob Dylan got his for being Bob Dylan. But what did the Nobel prize winners in economics get theirs for? Economists are having a hard time explaining the problems facing our economies. It is time to rethink capitalism . More and more people have a robot for a friend. Tech companies’ work to make technology more accessible is paying off . The state of world finances. An explainer on global GDP, derivatives, and what some people are frightened about in the world economy.

The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution opens in San Francisco. The Forum’s initiative will explore the policy and regulatory questions surrounding new technologies. ( Reuters ) India could grow over 8% a year for decades. Coverage from the Forum India Economic Summit. ( Economic Times ) Germany to require firms to publish gender parity data. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. ( The Guardian ) An effort to give everyone a robot. But 4.3 billion people don’t even have internet access, according to Forum data. ( CNET ) The world’s healthiest countries are mostly in Europe. Coverage of the Global Competitiveness Report continues. ( Business Insider )

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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