Women in 2016: Founders, trailblazers, honourees

Technology Eye | Jan. 04, 2017

40 female founders who crushed it in 2016 . (TechCrunch) 7 women trailblazers who took a stand in 2016 . (NPR) Women make up more than half of the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List . (Huffington Post) 25 times 2016 gave women something amazing to celebrate . (Fortune) Of S&P 500 companies, 27 have female CEOs. What happens when women run companies ? (The Atlantic) Think you’re not biased against women at work? Read this . (Forbes) Nigeria’s Sultan of Sokoto rejects gender equality bill . (BBC) Women’s labour in India often not recorded as work. (Quartz) Gender disparities persist among heart doctors . (Reuters) Alzheimer’s in women falls more heavily . (Scientific American) Women suffer more work stress than men, says psychiatrist . (The Guardian) Maternity leave: more important for mothers than for their kids . (Quartz) India’s Modi announces financial assistance for pregnant women . (Times of India) Polish doctors hide pregnancy risks to limit abortions . (Al Jazeera) Where women in Nepal learn to become ‘justice reporters’ . (The Guardian) Accused rapist still plays Stanford Footbal l. (Slate) When media use pictures of drunk girls in alcohol stories, we’re being misled . (The Conversation) South Korea pulls website mapping women of child-bearing age . (The Guardian) Women’s rights: ‘a national security issue’. Opinion . (New York Times) 12 stunning photos that prove there's no such thing as ‘men’s work’ . (Huffington Post)

Female CEOs by Industry Sector, 2016

Quote of the week

“One of the really essential things we can do to get women into politics is to start making politics about women, to start putting a gendered lens on all the policy work we do, to say ‘there’s 50% of the population here that we’re not seeing and we’re not hearing, we have to listen to them’.”

Sophie Walker, November 2016 Leader, Women's Equality Party, UK 'On Making Politics All About Women' , The Cambridge Student

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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