Streamlining global trade, dystopian novels and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Feb. 24, 2017

As important as mathematics for future jobs. The rising need for non-cognitive skills . Nightmares that explain reality? Dystopian novels with surging sales.

A new global trade deal has entered into force . Why the TFA matters . We’ve just had our best quarter century ever. A defence of globalisation . The sweet spot for women in science. Closing the STEM gender gap . 140 million new child brides by 2020 -- unless we build fairer societies .

Fake news threatens Europe. The defence admits it’s outgunned . What's behind declining productivity numbers? Robots and growth . Consequences and risks of “permanent summer” on supermarket shelves . How did culture become so divided? Old communities have left a vacuum . European migration 5,000 years ago. Genetics show it was almost all men .

The new capitalism needs to nurture people, not products. Quotes Forum executive chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. ( Financial Times ) Forum signs partnership with China’s Council on International Cooperation on Environment and Development. ( Modern Diplomacy ) China aims at amicable resolution of trade friction with US. Cites President Xi’s speech in Davos. ( South China Morning Post ) MIT partners with the Forum to create Treepedia , a measure of urban greenery. ( Business Insider ) How easy is it to do business in the Philippines? A senator cites the Global Competitiveness Index . ( Philippine Star )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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