A new poem on the 'tyrannical perfection' of modern life

Technology Eye | Jun. 23, 2016

Brian Bilston , the "unofficial poet laureate of twitter" is writing a series of poems on the theme of The Fourth Industrial Revolution . This is the third poem.

They will be wondering - by now - where I am. It’s not like me to be home so late on a Wednesday,

particularly one in September. This will not be forgotten in a hurry. I can sense their censure, even from here;

hear the hiss of the vegetables as they soften under the refrigerator’s cool stare

and the dark scowl of the coffee machine. I should have called, not just left them to their own devices.

But perhaps they already know that I am in crisis, observed tiny shifts in my behavior of which even I was unaware; the depth of my tread upon the carpet, or the slouching in my chair from which I shall not leap up to rescue a forgotten cake or slowly hoist myself to trudge to the corner shop. Its milk cartons must serve another. And no more shall my day start with a blast of cold to snatch my breath as the shower wakes for morning or a desperate stretch for a toilet roll that is not there. For everything is just so , optimized into tyrannical perfection, a thousand decisions and revisions, all the humdrumness of life outsourced to things far smarter than I. And, in its place, an absence and this stretching of the hours.

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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