Peace dividends, the blockchain revolution and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Jun. 10, 2016

Top stories from the last seven days, including executive bonuses, the next Silicon Valley and why organized crime likes Instagram.

Bitcoins are just the beginning. Blockchains are set to change money, government, business, and your life.

Time to stop paying bonuses to executives? Results-based compensation may not improve results. Your country could build the next Silicon Valley. It just needs to master hypergrowth first.

Organized crime likes Instagram. We need a global effort against counterfeit goods on the internet. The downside of being yourself: authenticity carries its own risks . War cost the world $13.6 trillion last year. Investing in peace promises big dividends. Illegal fishing is robbing Africa. Two international measures could help. The genes that predict success in life. An intriguing link with friendliness and likeability . Why did the First Industrial Revolution take root in England? Three factors: expensive labour, cheap money and cheap energy . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, algorithms are learning the rules of aesthetics . Does working for a superstar boss make you a superstar hire? A well-connected boss might get you promotions, but new research suggests it might come with potentially damaging expectations . Why is China’s growth slowing? And will it matter as much as some think ? The world’s biggest powers are courting ASEAN. Strong growth is attracting investors, Malaysia’s prime minister told the World Economic Forum on ASEAN . ( The Straits Times ) What happens when digital and physical worlds collide? The Forum’s Jim Snabe speaks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ( Diginomica ) Do startups really create jobs? Cites Forum report. ( Harvard Business Review ) Your next lawyer may be a robot. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will impact white collar jobs too. ( The Daily Beast ) A look at the state of the world today. With the Forum’s Philipp Rösler. ( Zeit Online ) World Oceans Day coverage mentioning the Forum’s The New Plastics Economy report included a piece on why World Oceans Day is important ( USA Today ) and how plastic pollution is killing our seas. ( Vice )

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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