Youth's digital divide, why states fail and other must-read stories of the week

Technology Eye | July. 29, 2016

5,000 women are murdered for “honour” each year. How this can be stopped .

An Italian city aims to go vegetarian: a new trend?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution means schools must be more innovative . Technology can cut climate change’s impact on the poor . The oceans are dying. If we act fast we can still save them. The Chinese research revolution is here and it might save your life . Rich and poor teenagers use the Internet differently. And that's bad for inequality .

Why do states fail? Prosperity can breed conflict, power matters more than institutions . Governments are living dangerously. Dealing with debt in a low-growth era. Donald Trump, Pokemon Go, and the Turkish coup attempt have this in common : virtuality is taking over. See who else speaks your mother tongue and how it relates to every other language.

Hillary Clinton’s rise is an exception. Reproduces map of national leadership based on Forum data. ( Washington Post ) There’s a new, cheaper way to treat depression . Refers to Forum research. ( Time ) Is a compromise solution possible for Brexit? Cites Gordon Brown’s opinion piece for the Forum. ( Financial Times ) The countries where women have the most political power. Uses the Forum’s Gender Gap data. ( Business Insider ) India’s Finance Minister wants to take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ( The Hindu )

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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