These were our most popular videos of 2016

Technology Eye | Dec. 20, 2016

2016 has been the year of Facebook video. World Economic Forum videos have clocked up more than 400 million views in the last year.

These are the videos you watched the most.

10. Which EU country has the largest number of citizens living abroad?

In a turbulent year for the European Union, a different look at migration .

9. The 10 happiest countries in the world

The so-called ‘modern obsession’, this ranking brought a smile to your faces .

8. These will be the most in demand skills in 2017, according to LinkedIn

An early look ahead to next year, these are the skills employers will be looking for.

7. Our addiction to screens is damaging more than our health

The risk posed by screens didn’t stop you watching this video.

6. Sweden is paying people to fix their stuff

An alternative look at recycling and waste proved a big hit.

5. Jack Ma applied for Harvard but was rejected 10 times

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, talks about rejection, the importance of gender equality and more .

4. Being bilingual rewires your brain

The impact of juggling two languages on our brains.

3. This is why teenagers don’t like getting up in the morning

Sleep, teenage brains, and getting up for school. It's human biology, not laziness .

2. Want to be a great parent? Let your children be bored

Why being bored could be good for children .

1. Let’s turn China’s smog into diamonds. It’s not as crazy as it sounds

These towers are capable of turning smog into diamonds .

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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