The state of the gender gap in 2016, Wonder Woman at the UN, and other top gender stories

Technology Eye | Oct. 27, 2016

Welcome to our weekly digest of stories about how the gender gap plays out around the world – in business, health, education and politics – from the World Economic Forum.

The latest Global Gender Gap Report is out. Where does your country feature ? (World Economic Forum) Leaders of the pack. The 10 countries leading the way in gender parity . (World Economic Forum) The gender calculator. See how long it will take to achieve gender parity where you are . (World Economic Forum) Why managers give women less feedback . (World Economic Forum) What men would do to fix the workplace equality gap . (The Conversation) BHP Billiton’s bold move on gender equality . (Women’s Agenda) Women in unions closer to equal pay . (New York Magazine) STEM diversity in the spotlight at Grace Hopper conference . ( Can we make the world’s cities safer for women and girls ? (The Conversation) Syrian girls being pushed into child marriage in refugee camps . (The Conversation) Argentina’s women march against violence . (The Guardian) Indonesia stresses importance of women’s education at Islamic conference . (Jakarta Post) Tougher laws on rape and ‘honour killings’ in Pakistan . (New York Times) Calls to regulate sale of acid in Delhi . (Indian Express) Wonder Woman named UN gender equality ambassador, sparking backlash . (The Independent)

Quote of the week

“When I was the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflicts, I came across three myths that we have to correct: that sexual violence in conflicts is inevitable, unspeakable or a lesser crime. This is a dangerous narrative. We must speak up and call it what it is: a crime, a tactic of terror and a weapon of war. And we must fight it.”

Foreign Minister Retno LP Maraud Minister for Foreign Affairs, Indonesia Women, Peace and Security Conference

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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