Gender equality in retreat, bringing down the internet and other must-read stories of the week

Technology Eye | Oct. 28, 2016

No jobs, artificial stupidity, and robot rights. Ethical challenges of AI.

Imagining a meat-free world. Good for the planet, but the poor might suffer .

One Brexit or many? The UK regions that voted remain need a seat at the table . Hackers brought down the internet. What happened and how to stop the next attack . China is the world’s least generous country . A study of civic engagement worldwide offers explanations. Who’s beating the US dollar? Brazil’s currency is up, the UK’s is down. Our future depends on ten-year-old girls. Most face unacceptable conditions .

Gender equality in retreat. The new Global Gender Gap Report shows growing risks as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The most gender equal countries. Rwanda makes the list , the US doesn’t.

The gender gap calculator: see how long for your country to reach parity. Read the full report to find out the state of gender equality in the world .

Will an ageing population help the economy? It might reduce inequality and increase inflation. Neuroscientists can turn off your self-control. Transcranial magnetic stimulation alters personalities. Automation comes to one factory town. Winners and losers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They’re inside your head. Leading tech firms are attention merchants . White world order, black power politics. Is white supremacism at the basis of modern international relations ?

Worldwide coverage of the new Global Gender Gap Report : Pay gap could take 170 years to close ( Guardian , USA Today, Financial Times , Deutsche Welle ), Japan gender gap widens ( Asahi Shimbun ), India one of the world’s laggards ( The Hindu ). Weak cybersecurity threatens India’s tech sector. The Forum’s Cybercrime Project offers solutions. ( Quartz ) Zambia is nearly as safe as the UK. Cites Forum data. ( The Telegraph ) How ready are Indian banks for blockchain? References Forum forecasts. ( Business World )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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