Women are stronger than men, 7 real life wonder women and other top gender stories of the week

Technology Eye | Jun. 14, 2017

Time to celebrate women’s gains in the UK election? Not so fast . (Washington Post) The 13-year-old girl ‘seemed willing’. The world’s worst case for women’s rights . (Reuters) Women’s rights activist detained in Saudi Arabia . (New York Magazine) Welcome to women’s world: W omen say to Comey . (New York Times) America made me a feminist . (New York Times) Women are stronger than men. The science . (The Guardian) Women’s health needs are overlooked. It’s time for change . (World Economic Forum) Walmart’s strict attendance policy hurts women workers . (The Cut) What to wear to work? Why it’s so hard for women to figure out in 2017 . (Quartz) Hitting puberty changes how girls learn. This is why . (World Economic Forum) 7 real life wonder women who have achieved phenomenal success . (South China Morning Post)

Chart of the week: Percentage of UK Parliament who are women Despite better representation than in the US Congress, the United Kingdom lags behind most European and Latin American democracies. The recent election moved it from 46 to 39 in the global rankings. Source : Diana O’Brien and Mary Nugent via The Washington Post .

Quote of the week “I am confident that I will live to see the day when female presidents are as common across Africa as female MPs – and even perhaps when that is true in the west as well.” Evelyn Anite Minister of Finance for Industrialisation and Privatisation, Uganda

African politics is a man’s world – but we women are still blazing a trail . (The Guardian)

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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