Boards, quotas, women at the CIA and other must-read gender stories of the week

Technology Eye | Oct. 05, 2016

Companies need a new gender-equality playbook . ( Wall Street Journal ) A special report on Women and Work . ( Financial Times ) What women add to boards . ( Wall Street Journal ) Four percent of CEOs in Europe are women. That's double seven years ago . ( Quartz ) The 25 women to watch in banking in the US . ( American Banker ) Women on boards twice as likely to have professional tech experience . ( TechRepublic ) Can quotas make gender equality happen in politics? Lessons from business . ( The Conversation ) Quotas have led to more women on corporate boards in Europe . ( London School of Economics ) The ‘maternal wall’ , is it keeping women from the C-suite ? ( HRD Singapore ) Women of the CIA: The hidden history . ( Newsweek ) Sexual harassment in the astronomy lab . ( CNN ) Female farmers suffer most in Southern Africa drought . ( Al Jazeera ) Gaining women's political representation and leadership in rural China . ( Huffington Post ) Eva, a little robot with a big mission: Get girls to code . ( Wired ) The 67% of women we don’t see often enough . ( Huffington Post )

Gender representation in the corporate pipeline, 2016. Source: Women in the Workplace 2016 , a study of the state of women in corporate America. The study is part of a long-term partnership between LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company

Quote of the week “I think that there is a responsibility for companies to take chances on women, put them in high-profile positions, give them opportunities and have a good pipeline of diversity in their workforce because it's a reflection of what their customers look like (...) But I do think that women also need to take responsibility for their own careers and their own advancement. It's not someone else's responsibility. It's theirs.”

Maggie Wilderotter CEO of Frontier Communications Q&A with Stanford Advocate , September 2014

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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