New global competiveness rankings, the end of meat and other must-read stories of the week

Technology Eye | Sept. 30, 2016

How competitive is your economy? The Forum’s latest global rankings are out and Switzerland is top.

The Global Competitiveness Report is attracting coverage around the world: India continues to climb ( Wall Street Journal ), the Brexit vote puts Britain's competitiveness at risk ( The Guardian ), Hong Kong slips two spots ( South China Morning Post ), and declining openness is a 'major threat' ( Deutsche Welle ).

How competitiveness is measured, and why it matters .

China’s energy shift could save us all . Coal use is down , renewables are rising. Food tech is working to replace meat ... and save the planet . Banks may be biased against women. A new study looks at barriers to banking access . Intellectual property laws cost lives. Research and development for medicine needs a reset. Remembering Shimon Peres. Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab pays tribute .

Computers kill jobs that don’t use computers. Your best bet: work with the robots . The world is rethinking easy money. Quantitative easing faces new questions . Playing god with human genes. The societal impact of new genome-editing technologies. Why does time go forward? It may be all about space . Fixing globalization doesn't weaken the extreme right. But young people might . Africa may get a $7.6 billion train line. The Forum is helping the African Development Bank find investors. ( Bloomberg ) Universities need to train engineers for the new economy . The Future of Jobs Report helps explain why. ( The Hindu ) Can the oil shock revive Saudi Arabia’s tech sector? Cites Global Information Technology Report. ( ZDNet )

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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