From the Stonewall riots to genderless ID – here's the LGBT news roundup

Technology Eye | July. 22, 2016

A summary of the most interesting developments in the LGBT world, rounded up by Silvia Magnoni , the Forum's Head of Civil Society Communities.

The list of US national monuments is getting longer – and it now includes overlooked LGBT historic sites. Here's a White House video in which President Barack Obama confers historic status on the Stonewall Inn, a popular gathering place for the LGBT community and site of the 1969 Stonewall uprising.

Fearing repercussions, refugees with gender-identity issues are not asking for the assistance they need, making them more isolated and vulnerable to abuse.

As Australia prepares to put the legalization of same-sex marriage to the popular vote, the country needs to ask why it still accepts religious exemptions to anti-discrimination laws. What's the right balance?

What has changed after the Orlando massacre? We look at the fallout and why LGBT people still need better judicial protection.

When it comes to shifting public opinion about LGBT rights, communication is key. Here are some lessons from the movement’s messaging failures and successes.

Foreign companies in Singapore have been told not to support LGBT events. What will this do to the country’s reputation as a welcoming place for international corporations?

After reviewing blood-donation restrictions for gay men, Justin Trudeau's government is now exploring the use of gender-neutral identity cards .

The country’s penal code is undermining the rights of people who have sexual orientations and gender identities it regards as different.

But one year after same-sex marriages were legalized, more has to be done to provide LGBT people with the same set of rights across US states.

Five months after North Carolina’s approval of the "bathroom bill”, which invalidated several anti-discrimination measures protecting LGBT people, the National Basketball Association is pulling its All-Star game out of the state , highlighting its commitment to diversity and respect in sports.

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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