Icelandic MPs, women runners and other must-read gender stories of the week

Technology Eye | Nov. 02, 2016

5 surprising facts from this year’s Gender Gap Report . ( World Economic Forum ) More women elected to Iceland’s Parliament than members of any one party . ( ) Women, entrepreneurship and gender barriers in APEC nations . ( Bloomberg ) Women in Iceland leave work at 2.38 pm in protest at gender pay gap. ( The Independent ) High heels and high-tech. Perspectives of a woman tech leader . ( CIO ) The EU’s Sakharov Prize awarded to Yazidi women who escaped ISIS . ( Huffington Post ) Running not a solution to sexual harassment . ( Slate ) Egyptian women fight against sexual harassment . ( Al-monitor ) Girls closing the gap in extreme maths scores . ( Quartz ) Birth control shots for men. Can they handle the side effects ? ( Quartz ) Sex-selection linked to stillbirths in India . ( The Guardian ) Women win battle to overturn ban at Haji Ali Dargah Mosque, Mumbai . ( Al Jazeera ) Worldwide climate change: worse for women . ( The Conversation ) Afghan women see few gains 15 years after the Taliban . ( Bloomberg ) Ironwoman . In a hijab . ( Bloomberg ) Why men and women can’t agree on the perfect temperature . ( The Conversation )

The gender pay gap visualised: Developed nations Source: OECD, Graphics, StatisticaCharts

Quote of the week ”Yet, I still think that this is one of the best times to be a woman in technology. The winds are changing. People are finally starting to come to terms with their unconscious biases and realizing it isn’t simply that women are not choosing tech. That people have been unintentionally working against the rise of women in tech for a very long time. Women are finally getting the credit they deserve in high tech.”

Beena Ammanath Head of Data Science Products at GE ‘ My high heels don’t make me any less high tech ’,, October 2016

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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