21 must-read stories for the weekend

Technology Eye | Jun. 24, 2016

Blockchain 101; building the next Skype and other top stories from the last seven days.

The big question after the Brexit vote: where now for Britain and the EU ?

Experts weigh in on the historic referendum. Only one thing is certain: there's uncertainty ahead .

Bill Gates and the big banks are interested. Understand blockchain and why it’s important. Will this be an Asian century in higher education? These universities are becoming world leaders. The top 10 emerging technologies of the year . New materials, the nano internet of things and a robot personal assistant that knows more about you than your partner. A loss that goes far beyond the personal. A tribute to UK MP Jo Cox , Young Global Leader, tragically murdered. Meet scientists’ new best friend. Artificial intelligence is about to change how science works . They made over $9 billon a year by limiting access. But now scientific publishing is opening up. Science fiction has a lot to teach us. It predicts the future and explains economic history . How to build the next Skype or TransferWise: A co-founder shares three lessons . Does the Fourth Industrial Revolution need Marxism? Socialist ideas might help us live with robots . Innovation can be taught. A dean at ShanghaiTech explains how China does it . From black holes to giant clams. Ten inspiring women scientists share their stories. Unanticipated economic benefits of China’s one-child policy. Single person households . Bad schools hurt boys even more than girls . Economists may not understand how economies work . More than a third of the poor in the US are children . France will win the European Football Championship, according to this econometric model . Robots are already replacing us. In many industries, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. ( BBC ) Refugees help their new communities. A Young Global Leader speaks out. ( CNN ) China’s PM will be at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions. Premier Li Keqiang will address the opening ceremony. ( CCTV )

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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