Oil freeze deal collapses, justice for Palmyra and Indonesia in transition

Technology Eye | April. 18, 2016

Attempts by some of the world’s biggest oil producers to freeze output ended without a deal on Sunday night, after Saudi Arabia insisted Iran should be part of any agreement.

Talks in Doha aimed at achieving the first global oil deal in 15 years, which had appeared to be on course, collapsed late on Sunday night as ministers failed to overcome opposition from Riyadh, which had hardened its stance in recent days. (FT)

In the news

Brazil congress votes to impeach Rousseff Brazil’s congress voted on Sunday evening to impeach President Dilma Rousseff , ushering in a new period of heightened political uncertainty in Latin America’s biggest country. (FT)

Chinese finance minister blasts Donald Trump ​Lou Jiwei called the Republican frontrunner an “irrational type” and said the US “would not be entitled to world leadership” ​if it followed his proposed trade policies towards China. (WSJ)

Corporate defaults on the rise ​Corporate borrowers have defaulted on $50bn of debt so far this year as the number of delinquent companies accelerates at its fastest pace since the US emerged from the financial crisis in 2009. (FT)

Ecuador quake kills 272 About 10,000 troops and 4,600 police were deployed to search for survivors following the powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake . (FT)

Google warns on European regulation Europe risks falling behind in digital innovation amid a sea of red tape , Google’s leading executive on the continent has said. (FT)

It's a big day for

Europe’s refugee crisis ​EU foreign ministers meet in Luxembourg to discuss migrants, Syria and Libya days after Pope Francis returned to the Vatican from a trip to Greece, bringing 12 refugees back with him . (BBC)

Food for thought

My broken-arm method for getting more work done ​Lucy Kellaway on what a cycling accident taught her about how to do her job better. (FT)

Stopped in her tracks ​The life of Somali sprinter Samia Yusuf Omar came to a tragic end on the perilous journey from Libya to Europe, ending her quest for Olympic glory. ( UNHCR )

Justice for Palmyra ​Michel Duclos argues that the ancient Syrian city — destroyed by Isis and then liberated by the Syrian army — should be treated as a crime scene before any reconstruction is undertaken. (FT)

Indonesia’s transition Commodities drove a big expansion but falling prices mean the Southeast Asian country must rely less on natural resources . (FT)

No more ghosts Amid a downturn in commodities markets and a decline in domestic manufacturing, what will become of the town of Whyalla now that the future of its steelworks are in question ? (Bloomberg)

Video of the day

Microsoft and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, report quarterly earnings, the European Central Bank and Sweden’s Riksbank decide on interest rates, and US presidential candidates face off in the New York state primary. Daniel Garrahan reports on a busy week ahead. (FT)

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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