Women hold a quarter of all Google leadership roles and other top gender stories of the week

Technology Eye | July. 06, 2017

Welcome to our weekly digest of stories about how the gender gap plays out around the world – in business, health, education and politics – from the World Economic Forum. Women now have 25% of leadership roles at Google . (cnet) Free abortions in England for women from Northern Ireland . (BBC) US Girl Scouts role out 18 new badges. In cybersecurity . (Tech Republic) A hashtag to fight Iran's dress code for women . (Reuters) Should Macron and Trudeau be so proud of appointing women to their Cabinets ? (The Conversation) More women running than ever in Papua New Guinea election . (Al Jazeera) Fakery-until-makery: tips from highly successful women . (The Atlantic) VCs ask male and female entrepreneurs different questions and it affects their funding . (HBR) Why Indian women are wearing cow masks for this photographer's project . (Times of India) Sexism in terrorism: Reporting on women's acts of violence distorts reality . (Middle East Eye) China doesn't have leftover women. It has leftover men . (World Economic Forum) South Africa’s public works programme is creating jobs, but it can do more for women . (World Economic Forum) ‘Women priority’ subway carriages trial scheme starts in China . (South China Morning Post)

Chart of the week: Closing the gender gap in humanitarian action . To mark World Refugee Day, UN Women considers the specific needs and vulnerabilities of women refugees. Source: UN Women.

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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