46 million slaves, how democracies fall and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Dec. 09, 2016

Businesses that boycott media. Standing up against racism and sexism . 46 million slaves in the world today. The numbers behind the horror.

Worth $1.2 trillion and just elected a president. Religion’s power in the US. A cure for Alzheimer’s and addiction? Digital technologies and brain health . Portuguese is more powerful than Hindi. An index of languages’ influence . When driverless cars crash, who’s responsible? Preparing for the risks of new technologies . Your light bulb will be a computer. A technology dean offers predictions.

How democracies fall. New populist governments may lead to autocracy . Why companies avoid the stock market. How impatient capital arose and how to tame it. Fake news from the Middle Ages. Manipulating information has a history. Lost knowledge and intelligent machines. Search engines’ radical reinvention . Don’t blame the barbarians. Climate change and the Roman Empire’s end .

The Fourth Industrial Revolution might make life worse for women. Cites Future of Jobs report. ( Guardian ) How the social sector can attract young talent. The New Vision for Education report shows the skills gap. ( Harvard Business Review ) What driverless cars need to go mainstream. A Forum project lead on mitigating risks explains. ( Fortune ) Will Amazon put cashiers out of work? Quotes Forum director of supply chain and transport industries. ( PBS NewsHour )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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