22 must read stories for the weekend

Technology Eye | Jun. 17, 2016

Black holes, the backlash against globalization, and other top stories from the past seven days.

Germany has so much clean energy, it paid people to use it. Other countries too are living the green dream .

Want to prepare your children for the digital age? Teach them these eight skills .

The woman who discovered Einstein’s gravitational waves. Interview with the scientist who watches black holes collide .

Laboratories can make malaria-proof mosquitoes. But governments have to watch for the dangers . The backlash against globalization is getting personal. A better kind of tourism could reduce the fear of foreigners.

Solar power keeps getting cheaper. The economics is on the side of renewable energy. Openness makes science work better. Collaborative research can tackle global challenges.

Leaders must make the region more innovative. Better policies will break down barriers to collaboration. The cities are dangerous, fragile, and unequal. But there are positive exceptions and four proven pathways to success. Latin American economies could pick up this year. From Argentina to Cuba, here are five reasons for optimism. Youth unemployment is a crisis. But with the right policies and collaborative action, companies will hire.

A life of service cut short by murder. Remembering Jo Cox , Young Global Leader. Want to boost a child’s lifetime earnings potential? Put up a bookshelf . The application of a nation. How China runs on WeChat . Machine intelligence will let us all work like CEOs. Technology can be your support staff . How to save liberal democracy from populism. Increased citizen engagement , not referendums, are the answer. Blockchain might power the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But it needs to plug in to existing systems for hype to live up to reality.

The World Economic Forum on Latin America could highlight a political shift. The move is toward the centre right. ( Global Risk Insights ) The Presidents of Argentina and Colombia talked trade, ahead of the meeting. ( MercoPress ) Robots are threatening women’s jobs more than men’s. Cites the Future of Jobs Report. ( Toronto Star ) Tokyo might elect its first female governor. Cites Global Gender Gap Index. ( Barrons ) South Korea needs to act against misogyny. Also cites Global Gender Gap Index. ( The New York Times )

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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