These are the world’s most valuable brands – and this is what they’re worth

Technology Eye | Dec. 13, 2016

Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, according to the latest Interbrand ranking.

Measured across three components, the ranking looks at the impact of brand on business growth. A brand value of over $178 billion sees Apple top the ranking.

Tech is the most valuable sector in this year’s ranking. Fourteen brands are valued in excess of $600 billion. In an article , Interbrand’s Associate Technology Director, Johnny Trinh, argues that these technology brands “have redefined and shaped the way we work, live, and continue to grow”.

Google takes second place, with its brand valued at more than $133 billion. The tech giant has made significant progress since its first year in the ranking – when it was valued at $8 billion.

Coca-Cola, valued at $73 billion, is the highest-ranked non-tech brand, in third place.

Other firms making the top 10 include Microsoft, Toyota and Amazon.

Brands are valued across three components: financial performance; the role of the brand in purchasing decisions; and the brand’s competitive strength. To be included, a brand must be “truly global, having successfully transcended geographic and cultural boundaries”. A full methodology can be found on the Interbrand website .

The report also examines which brands have seen their value grow the most in the past year.

Several have seen impressive increases since last year. Facebook’s brand value has risen nearly 50%, while Amazon and Lego have seen rises of a third and a quarter respectively.

Interbrand highlights the connection between the business, brand and growth. “By developing a holistic picture – one that includes culture, capabilities, products, and experiences – brands can overcome challenges and nurture real, lasting growth,” explains Jez Frampton, Interbrand CEO .

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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