Scale-ups v start-ups, immortal machines, making better leaders

Technology Eye | March. 31, 2017

Better leaders for a complex world. The case for investment in the humanities. A simple way to fight poverty. Self-efficacy.

Cyberattacks are rising. Are world leaders finally taking action?

Start-ups are overrated. Scale-ups generate jobs, growth and prosperity. Social entrepreneurship’s power: Neo-natal care at one-eighth of the price. Starving yet obese. We need a real food revolution.

More internally displaced people than Syria. Latin America’s refugee crisis. How to thrive despite protectionism up north? Integration and inclusion. Regional integration won’t be easy. Best to start with these three areas. The region is slipping back into poverty. Impact investing can change that. NAFTA has been a win-win-win. But it’s time to transform and modernize it.

Your animal life is over. Prepare to become an immortal machine. Democracy wasn’t just for the ancient Greeks. The Aztecs also had it. The 1960s revolution that did most for democracy? It came from the Roman Catholic Church. Poor as a child, struggling as an adult. Social mobility may be a myth. Time to tax the robots? It could ease the transition to a new world of work.

Why the World Economic Forum launched a ‘do tank’ on the tech revolution. Quotes Forum executive chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. ( Devex ) New Presidio center seeks to foster innovation and equality. ( San Francisco Chronicle ) Digital revolution has left the dinosaurs dying in its wake. References the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ( Sunday Times ) How the water industry learned to embrace data. Cites Forum’s Green Investment Report. ( Harvard Business Review ) Gender equality at work needs fast-tracking. Uses data from The Gender Gap Report to emphasize the urgency. ( Gulf News )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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