8 must-read leadership stories of the week

Technology Eye | April. 22, 2016

What Shakespeare can teach us about leadership, how to win the hearts and minds of millennials, and other top leadership stories from the past seven days.

1. 7 leadership lessons from Shakespeare . Leadership advice from some of Shakespeare's most famous – and infamous – characters.

2. These 3 steps could help boost innovation in your organization . Established organisations need to innovate too - this advice could help.

3. "Staying in the status quo is a sure way to be extinct". Why leaders need to seize opportunities . Carol Sawdye, vice chairman and chief financial officer of PwC, on leading with urgency.

4. The most important digital skill for tomorrow's CEOs . Sixty-one percent of CEOs have no social media presence at all. Even those who are on Twitter, Facebook or other networks rarely join the conversation.

5. Want to be a better leader? Start experimenting . Leadership development should involve facing real business challenges.

6. How can businesses win the hearts and minds of millennials? In a changing environment, businesses must take advantage of evolving technologies.

7. Why focusing on teams, not just leaders, is the key to business performance . Companies need to undertake an organizational restructuring to focus more on teams and less on leaders.

8. Too busy to get everything done? Nonsense, says science . Being busier could be the key to improving your productivity, a new study has found.

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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