Top jobs women don’t have, co-workers who interrupt and other top gender stories of the week

Technology Eye | Aug. 03, 2017

Sheryl Sandberg calls for policy changes to raise women’s pay . (The Guardian) How not to advocate for a woman at work . (Harvard Business Review) Women not on board when companies go public . (Bloomberg) Being a working mother is not bad for your children . (The Conversation) How to cope with a coworker who interrupts . (Bloomberg) Marrying your victim doesn’t get you off a rape charge. New law in Tunisia . (Middle East Eye) Turkish women march for the right to dress as they choose . (Reuters) The dos and don’ts of pregnancy are deeply flawed around the world . (Quartz) Women are bargaining chips in South Sudan customary courts . (Al Jazeera) The last woman leader standing i n Latin America . (New York Times) The top roles women have never had . (BBC)

Chart of the week: What women want vs where companies focus their diversity efforts Almost two-thirds of women see retention and advancement as gender equity hurdles. Yet these receive the least share of diversity effort. Source: What's working to drive gender equity? Boston Consulting Group

Quote of the week “It’s important for women to understand that this gap in opportunities is not a personal issue, it’s a structural issue, and you need to make changes at a structural level. For that you need to show force, and so creating networks will help a lot. Also, try to bring aboard a lot of men who can really understand the importance of a better world for both women and men.”

Michelle Bachelet President of Chile ‘Life’s work’, Harvard Business Review

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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