Are we winning the war against tuberculosis?

Technology Eye | Feb. 16, 2016

The fight against tuberculosis (TB) is paying off, with this year’s death rate nearly half of what it was in 1990. From 2000 to 2014, about 43 million lives were saved because of better diagnosis and treatment. However, 1.5 million people died from TB in 2014. Most of these deaths could have been prevented, according to WHO’s Global TB Report . This is the 20th global report on tuberculosis (TB) published by WHO in a series that started in 1997. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of the TB epidemic using data reported by over 200 countries that account for more than 99% of the world's TB cases.

Key themes from the report are as follows:

From 2016, the global goal will shift from controlling TB to ending the global TB epidemic. The End TB Strategy, adopted by all WHO Member States, serves as a blueprint for countries to reduce TB incidence by 80% and TB deaths by 90% and to eliminate catastrophic costs for TB-affected households by 2030. To be able to do so, better detection systems need to be in place and tools developed to better diagnose people, and a better vaccine should be developed.

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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