Entrepreneurial Estonia, sociologists v economists and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | March. 24, 2017

A new measure of entrepreneurship shows Estonia top.

Danes strike the best work-life balance . Here's how .

The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a new narrative for globalization .

Want an energy-secure future ? Work on resilience, emissions and inclusivity.

How Central & Eastern Europe could lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution .

Can Europe and the US reconcile their visions of defense spending ?

40 marathons in 40 days for the global water crisis .

25 years ago, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed ‘the end of history’ . Did he also anticipate the rise of President Trump ?

Chinese competition reduced US innovation. A side-effect of manufacturing’s decline .

Public policy is dominated by economics -- a vital but narrow aspect of our complex societies. Time to give sociologists more influence ?

The identity crisis of global elites.

From waterclocks to workaholics . How time became our master .

China and the US are doomed to cooperate. Quotes President Xi’s speech in Davos. ( Financial Times )

Argentina’s economy exits recession. References the Forum’s Latin America meeting in Buenos Aires next month. ( Bloomberg )

How social media use impacts your employability. Refers to Future of Jobs Report . ( The Hindu )

Time to work on your digital intelligence quotient. Quotes the Forum’s head of Shaping the Future of Information. ( New Straits Times )

Waste water key to solving global water crisis. Notes that the Global Risk Report cites water as a top risk. ( Geo )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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