Democracy in decline; is big data too big? And other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | March. 03, 2017

Dark times for democracy. Nineteen “full democracies” remain. No more international institutions? How to avoid a global unraveling .

Is ‘big data’ getting too big? Risks and possibilities of the new digital age . How to make the UN a more effective force for peace: go local . Better information and flexible career paths. Practical ways to close the gender gap . Are millennials right to worry? Many are unprepared for the new economy. What the Fourth Industrial Revolution can learn from nanotech’s mistakes .

AI, robots, and jobs. Economic implications of new technology. Did ‘fake news’ really change American minds in the 2016 election? This academic study doesn’t think so. Programming computers — and people. The growing threat to democracy . Ice, ice, baby. Lessons for coal from the once mighty ‘natural ice’ industry. Does foreign competition cost jobs? A new challenge to an old assumption .

Science is failing women . Cites Global Gender Gap Report . ( Asia Times ) Why is Finland able to fend off Russia’s information war? Cites Forum data on educational systems. ( Foreign Policy ) China eyes global economic leadership. Refers to President Xi’s speech in Davos. ( USA Today ) Can you have too much maternity leave? Relies on data from the Global Gender Gap Report . ( Bloomberg ) The economic crisis in Yemen. The Global Competitiveness Report helps show the gravity of the situation. ( Al Arabiya )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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