Globalization in 2017, US racism and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Feb. 03, 2017

Davos insights on the future of jobs. Expert forecasts and how to prepare It’s possibly the best place in the world. What’s behind Sweden’s success ?

What to expect from globalization this year. A new leader and a new deal? The business case for migrants. More evidence that immigration helps economies . These businesses are standing up to anti-Muslim discrimination . Why aren’t we investing more in women? Seven myths that are to blame. New partnerships needed. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals .

“He’s more machine now than man.” Robotic hearts might make us all a little more Darth Vader . The dangers of white nationalism in the US. Is online racism now normal? To fight authoritarianism in cyberspace America needs the right strategy . Will climate change increase conflicts? A new study shows that when the world cooled down, wars hotted up . Construction workers’ poems in China today. Insights into migrant labour .

Will China become the new leader of global trade? Opinions from the Arabic press on the Chinese President’s speech in Davos. ( The National ) The trade war may have already begun. Cites interview with the Eurogroup president at Davos. ( New York Times ) 170 years until gender parity. The Global Gender Gap Report provides data. ( Washington Post )

Japan’s economy may soon accelerate. The Bank of Japan Governor raised his forecast at a Forum panel discussion. ( Nikkei Asian Review ) Time for the US to focus on infrastructure. A Congressman’s op-ed cites the Global Competitiveness Report . ( The Hill )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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