No more smartphones, the end of forecasting and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | April. 21, 2017

Better than smartphones. Mark Zuckerberg bets big on augmented reality . The Fourth Industrial Revolution may mean the end of forecasting. How to embrace uncertainty .

Lessons from the history of inequality. Does redistribution work? Latin America’s digital economy could boom – if two steps are taken. 100 trade deals by 2019? The UK’s Brexit trade challenge . The Greek debt crisis hasn’t gone away. Steps to avoid a disastrous default .

Flying blind into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We need more data on AI’s impact on jobs . But the age of intelligent machines just might lead to a jobs boom . Poverty changes children’s brains. Can financial aid foster healthy cognitive development ? A stay-at-home dad in China. Challenging deep-seated cultural perceptions . War’s impact on inequality, from ancient civilization to today .

A tool to make cities greener. Quotes leader of Forum’s Cities & Urban Development team, which helped develop the project. ( Wall Street Journal ) Spain on top, but India moving up. Coverage of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report . ( Times of India ) Using sunlight to make drinking water from air. Cites the Global Risks Report . ( Futurism ) Cyberattacks a growing threat to Asia-Pacific business. Data comes from the APAC results of the Global Risks Report . ( ) The UAE is working to rise in the Forum’s Network Readiness Index. ( )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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