Anti-Asian discrimination, Saudi Arabia after oil and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | May. 26, 2017

No Asians wanted? Bias based on names . India to sell only electric cars by 2030. Tackling pollution is just one of the motives .

Middle Eastern start-ups and fighting e-Extremism. Highlights from the meeting in Jordan .

A post-oil Saudi Arabia. Plans for an economic transformation . Hate networking at work? You may be a purist, not a player . Blockchain for ports and harbours. Technology to transform global trade . The USB flash drive & PC processor started here. Why Israel is a tech titan .

Bots all around you. Disinformation campaigns and the marketplace of ideas. But fake news has a cure: inoculation based on cognitive psychology. The revolutionary benefits of politeness. America’s founders treasured it. Why some cities are more productive than others, and how to close the gap . Does immigration lower wages? The war over a a classic economic study .

UK urged to prepare for workforce of 80-year-olds. Forum pensions study predicts gap in pension savings quadrupling to £25tn. ( Financial Times ) EU foreign policy chief warns US against cutting UN funding. Coverage from the World Economic Forum in Jordan. ( Washington Post ) Your taxes pay fossil fuel companies to pollute. The Forum’s Renewal Infrastructure Investment Handbook shows that solar is cheaper. ( Quartz ) Can the Belt and Road initiative make Malaysia prosper? Quotes Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab. ( Star ) The Middle East needs to support youth and reform education. More coverage from Jordan. ( Xinhua )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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