Rewiring your brain, how to rise to CEO and other must-read stories of the week

Technology Eye | Oct. 07, 2016

How to rise to CEO . A LinkedIn study shows what helps to get to the top . Winning the fight against inequality. Japan’s surprising economic successes .

India could end poverty -- if it changes policies in two areas .

It already has its first smart village. Microsoft helps with an idea of Gandhi’s . Cities and states pursue their own foreign policy. Paradiplomacy can break gridlock and project power. How a country does a digital makeover. Italy’s initiatives prove fruitful.

Mental health, your potential, and new brain technologies . Understand your brain now and in the future. “Women’s brains don’t work like that” . Neuroscience debunks common myths . Your brain can be rewired. The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers new opportunities and threats . Playing is better than studying . How to help your child’s brain to develop. Wealth may make you selfish and anti-social. Laboratory research explains why .

It’s better to be employed than rich . The key to mental health and happiness . China’s unique digital media. “Content entrepreneurs” and “WeMedia” take advantage of new mobile platforms . Inequality has fallen since the financial crisis . World Bank data is myth-breaking . Democracy doesn’t help economic growth. The form of government has little bearing on prosperity. How we gain and lose influence . Power contains the seeds of its own destruction .

The Amazon needs the Fourth Industrial Revolution . Technology can save the rainforest. ( Financial Times ) Public-private partnerships can build nations’ brands. A Forum leadership expert explains how. ( Knowledge@Wharton ) Continuous skills training would close the employment gap. Cites Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab’s analysis. ( Toronto Star ) Cybercrime will cost the world economy $445 billion this year. The data is from the Global Risks Report. ( CNBC ) The skills gap is stranding South African businesses. More coverage of the Global Competitiveness Report. ( Bloomberg )

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SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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