How to nail perfectly lined eyes with N100 'Davis' pencil

life tips | July. 11, 2017

To achieve perfectly lined eyes with the popular cheap Davis pencil, try out these steps...

Lining the eyelids makes sultry statement with most makeup look everytime and the popular Davis eye pencil works to achieve this.

It's one 'makeup move' (lined eyes) that can never go wrong as part of a whole look or alone sans eyeshadow or any sort of colour, the detail alone is chic and pretty on its own.

The sexy eyeliner can be an alluring, sexy and sultry but only when done right as it comes tricky which requires constant practise to get right.

The look best achieved with a pen (felt tip) or a dip/gel liner is ever a classic, chic and clean detail when perfected/done well but it can also be done with pencil and the N100 Davis eyeliner works! Davis is a popular eye pencil brand that surprisingly works well for a ridiculously cheap product.

To achieve perfectly lined eyes with Davis pencil, try out these steps:

1. Pull the skin around the corner of the eyes taut

2. Draw a line starting from the inner corner of the eyes and then draw again as many lines you want after the thickness you want

3. Go in again midway along the lines 'angling' your pencil in a way where you are drawing from the side (of the pencil)

4. Neaten this with concealer after getting the desired line/thickness

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