Recognizing All Your Moms... Six Questions

Relationship | Aug. 07, 2017

Whether biological, adoptive, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin or closest female friend. All deserve your thanks and gratitude. We often tend to think of motherhood in very narrow terms. The gal we call Mom is our mother. But lots of other people serve in that capacity as a surrogate. In fact, often we turn to them for most of our support... reserving only the most perplexing or vexing challenges for our mothers.

Bottom Line: all moms no matter the nature of the relationship need to be thanked for all they do for you. The mother who raised you is who we think of traditionally. All those years of her life sacrificed in your name. The uncomfortable period during pregnancy, the pain during delivery, sleep deprivation from attending to your nightly demands. Feeding, clothing and addressing all your needs as an infant, toddler, youngster, pre-teen, teen... the list is virtually endless because it continues through adulthood.

Consider Legacy Motherhood.

The great advice and moral guidance that serves as a daily compass even if your beloved Mom has passed on. All of us get caught up in the daily stress and worry of simply making it through the day that we rarely realize the positive impact our mother's or significant other female confidants make on us every day.

Relationships can be complex. Most everyone has gone through difficult and stressful times with their parents... but in the end all is usually resolved, interaction continues and your bond is stronger than ever! It's such a shame when families are estranged. It happens. If that's your situation Mother's Day offers a wonderful entree to begin the process of patching things up. We tend to consciously or otherwise overlook that our mom' s won't live forever.

Rekindling your relationship is something you will never regret. In the greater scheme of things, if you are lucky enough to have your parent consider that Mother's Day isn't just once a year. It takes so little to show your appreciation on a more frequent basis. Whether it's a quick cup of coffee, a movie, going shopping, a day out on the town or simply telling your Mother how much you love, appreciate and treasure her. Consider doing this often.

Simply say it... Mom I Love You! As always I like to end with a shout out to my Mom who I know is watching over me every day. Mom, you made me the man I am. I thank you, love you and am sending you a virtual huge bear hug.

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