Bad news! Popular Tanzanian female singer ia addicted to alcohol

gossip | July. 19, 2017

- Popular Tanzanian singer who featured in Diamond's hit song Nitarejea has admitted to be an alcoholic battling with addiction

- The singer, Hawa, has been battling with alcohol and tobacco addiction and is slowly wasting away

The once hit maker is now a shell of her former self, and is now single after her husband left her mour months into marriage.

The two tied the knot two years ago, but her husband walked away only four months into the marriage without a word. " Since leaving me behind, I have never seen him! My husband's absence made depression creep up, pushing me into consuming more and more alcohol; smoking more tobacco sticks, I was waiting on him to return. I had no money to buy expensive alcohol. I therefore, resorted to cheap liquor," she said.

She revealed the painful during an interview with Global publishers and pleaded for rehabilitation.

"Throughout the stages of depression that i have gone through, I have lost some acumen in music. But I hope after treatment, I would reclaim my position in the music industry," she added.

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