Joke : Look, Bozo! We're divorced! Finito!

jokes | July. 27, 2017

1. A guy calls up his ex-wife and, disguising his voice, asks to speak to himself."Sorry, he doesn't live here anymore, we're divorced!"Next day, the guy does the same thing with the same results. He does this everyday for a week, and finally his ex-wife realizes who it is that keeps calling. "Look, Bozo! We're divorced! Finito! End of story! When are you going to get that through your fat head?""Oh, I know! I just can't hear it enough!"

2. A persistent job-seeker once appeared before President Lincoln and demanded an appointment to a judgeship. He was informed that there were no vacancies. The next day, while walking along the river, he saw a drowned man being pulled out, and recognized him as a federal judge. He ran back to the White House and demanded the position. "Sorry," said the President, "but the lawyer who saw that judge fall in beat you here by a good five minutes."

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