Teacher Gets a Horrifying Surprise When 8-Year-Old Student Brings Her What She Found in Her Backpack

EagleHeadline | Jun. 17, 2017

When one eight-year-old girl opened her backpack, she knew right away that she was going to have to tell her teacher about what was inside.

As KSAT News reports, the student at County Line Elementary School in New Braunfels, Texas, was getting ready to start the school day on Tuesday morning. But while going through her backpack, she discovered that she had unknowingly brought a loaded handgun to school.

Immediately, the girl told her teacher about the gun. The teacher then took the girl's bag and gave it to school administrators, who called the police.

According to the New Braunfels Police Department, it all happened so discreetly that none of the students saw the gun, or were even aware that there was a loaded gun at school.

However, authorities still needed to know how the gun ended up in the girl's bag to begin with. A visit to the girl's parents cleared up the mystery, but raised more questions in the process.

The parents told investigators that they had recently moved and accidentally left the gun in their daughter's backpack.

The answer satisfied the police, who appreciated that the parents took responsibility. Police said the parents had no intention to commit any other crime, and cited them for Making a Firearm Accessible to a Child (a misdemeanor).

However, the explanation wasn't enough for many who read about the incident online and wondered what kind of parent would choose to move a gun in their daughter's backpack.

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