Joke : Tell him I can't see him now

jokes | July. 27, 2017

1. A baseball manager who had an ulcer was in his physician office for a checkup. "Remember," the doctor said, "don't get excited, don't get mad, and forget about baseball when you're off the field." Then he added, "By the way, how come you let the pitcher bat yesterday with the tying run on second and two men out in the ninth?"Doctor: Tell him I can't see him now. Next.

2. Jack: "My brother was sick and went to the doctor."John: "Is he feeling better now?"Jack: "No, he has a broken arm."John: "How did he break it?"Jack: "Well, the doctor gave him a prescription and told him no matter what happened, to follow that prescription. And the prescription blew out of the window."John: "How did he break his arm?"Jack: "He fell out of the window trying to follow the prescription."

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