If you turn red when you drink alcohol, you should read this

life tips | July. 12, 2017

Do you get flushed when you drink? A little pink in the cheeks, perhaps?

It's not uncommon.

If you turn red rather vigorously all over your face however, it may be a condition called "alcohol flush reaction" which can be cause for concern.

Alcohol isn't beneficial to our bodies, generally. It's addictive, intoxicating and largely unhealthy for you, even if it's been found that a glass of wine in the eveningcan be a positive.

Common wisdom is now that the best consumption is all about taking responsibility when you drink, not to excess, and not regularly.

Anyway, the side effects of alcohol flush reaction include:

Flushed skin



Increased heart rate

It's caused by a buildup of acetaldehyde in the body, which is a carcinogen formed when alcohol metabolises in the liver.

It's usually converted in the liver more quickly into acetate, but in people who have alcohol flush reaction - thought to be inherited genetically, especially in South East Asia - it takes a little more time.

This is associated with a higher long term risk of mouth and throat cancers, Business Insider reports.

So, something to be aware of if you're of the genetic makeup that leaves you red in the face after a beer or two.

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